Systerprojekt – Feed 500

Vi stödjer ett projekt som heter Feed500, detta projekt ger 500 barn ett varmt mål mat varje lördag samt en påse majsmjöl så de får mat under veckan. Det kostar 160.000 kr per år att driva och vi har som målsättning att kunna bidra med 50% av kostnaderna.
Läs gärna mera nedan om detta fantastiska projekt!

Each Saturday in Utange, Kenya, 500 orphans walk to the Christian Centre to have a meal that’s cooked for them by a group of volunteers. It takes some of them over an hour to get there. Some of them are just toddlers and some of the children are carrying babies not yet able to walk. They’re very hungry when they arrive. After they’ve had their meal, we give them a bag of maize flour, as in the picture, and they carry it back to where they live, sharing it with their brothers and sisters so they can all have something to eat during the week.


Esther is just four years old, her mum is still alive, but she’s HIV positive and is very sick and can’t provide for her children. Esther’s dad died in an accident last year. Her family are desperately poor and without this basic food she and her sisters would literally be starving; hard enough to bear without losing your dad and seeing your mum so ill.

Our Feed500 programme is a lifeline for the orphans in Utange.  A bag of maize flour may not seem very much, but it’s vital for these children and it brings them comfort and hope. We give out 250 bags each week, they cost 92p each and we urgently need new donors to commit to buying these for the children.

Film om FEED500 – klicka här

Debbie & Paul Scott med vänner som driver Feed500 och Casuarina House

Hemsida för Feed500 – klicka här
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